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Recreational Player Development

U5-U6 Player Development

  • The activities are designed to fit the developmental level of the children
  • The ratio is mostly 1 ball: 1 player, encouraging more touches on the ball, confidence and the ability to socially interact
  • Ballnastics incorporates coordination, flexibility, balance and vision
  • Training sessions should b enot more than 45-60 minutes as the players have a short attention span
  • 3 players versus 3 players, no score is recorded, no goalkeeper, no referee
  • Equal playing time

U7-U8 Player Development

  • Emphasis on fundamental technical skills building the foundation for the future
  • Players begin to understand group activities 
  • Introduce a partner into training activities
  • Some concept of space and direction
  • The game is the teacher
  • 4 players versus 4 players, no goalkeeper
  • Equal playing time
  • Referee is introduced

U9-U10 Player Development

  • Simple to complex
  • Small group activities and team games
  • Players begin to understand the game through match situations
  • Training session should have a common theme throughout practice
  • Emphasis still needs to be on technical skills
  • 6 players versus 6 players
  • Goalkeeper is introduced

U11-U19 Player Development

  • Fun but competitive
  • Training session twice per week
  • Compete within central Iowa 
  • 8 games per season
  • 8 players versus 8 players  (U11- U12) 
  • 11 players versus 11 players (U13-U19)
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