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In the same way that schools and colleges are places of education, Iowa Rush Soccer Club is a long term learning experience. For the players to fully benefit from experiences they must have a strong desire to learn and develop a mental toughness to succeed. Our coaches understand children's learning characteristics and break down the stages according to the age and capacity of the players. At Iowa Rush Soccer Club we are aware of these age group learning characteristics and build the curriculum to run parallel with the capabilities of the players.
The player's role in the learning process: 
  • You can learn by listening
  • You must listen with interest and enthusiasm
  • You will improve through practice
  • You will learn from facing challenges

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Player Development Philosophy and Training Curriculum

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Self Training Guides: 

Technical Development

Physical Development 

Tips for Clothing/Gear:
Tuck your shirt in; a great habit for the game of soccer. Tucking your shirt in is a very small detail, but so important to the game of soccer. Tucking your shirt in is a true sign of respect for the game, your club, and yourself. Be sure to tuck it in on all sides, yes even the back, because the referee will be able to tell if someone has pulled on your shirt. A referee cannot call what they do not see so make it obvious and enjoy the game.

Dressing for Cold Weather:
It is important to be prepared for cold weather soccer in Iowa. Here are a few helpful hints to consider before heading out to a game:

  • Put tights on under your club shorts to keep your legs warm
  • Wear a long sleeved shirt under your team uniform to keep the upper body warm
  • Wear gloves to keep your fingers warm, but make sure you can still pick a soccer ball up with your hands
  • Put a hat on to keep your head warm - this is an easily removable item once you are warmed up
  • Dress Children warmer than adults - they have less body fat to keep them warm
  • Dress Goalkeepers in extra layers because they move around less than field players and generate less body heat
  • Avoid cotton when possible - it absorbs moisture and it becomes heavy and uncomfortable
  • It is a lot easier to dress warm and remove layers as you warm up rather than adding layers after you are already cold
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