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u17 Boys See Positive Results


The boys continue to work on their possession and finishing. They are finding that finishing, right now, is very difficult. As a player plays this sport, they develop a feel for how the ball will respond when they kick it. They know how to put the right amount of force into the kick and the right technique to put it where they want. U17 however is a difficult age for many boys. Their bodies are changing, muscles are gaining strength quickly and the control they used to have with the ball has become clumsy. The challenge now is to relearn the finesse and learn to control their shots with their newfound strength.

We played Ames last week (0-0) and had two games in Tuma this past weekend. One game was against Heartland Soccer Club and the other was against North Scott Soccer Club. We were able to tire out both teams relatively early, but capitalizing on our conditioning was difficult. Once the other teams tired out they became much more frustrated and clumsy. They basically became human steamrollers and our boys tried passing the ball more quickly to avoid collisions and tackles. We ended up winning both games (4-1 and 5-0) with only one minor injury.

We have one more game left next week against Cedar Rapids and then it’s on to Kansas City for their Heartland Chill Out tournament.

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