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Hall Wins Anti-Bully Poster Contest


Iowa Rush U12 Girls player Jaecee Hall was recognized this past Monday evening as one of the winners of the anti-bully poster contest for the Ankeny School District. Jaecee was joined by Anti Bully Hall receiving posterJaecee receiving recognition at Ankeny School

District Board Meetingteammates and coach at the ceremony on Monday, as Hall included several of her teammates in her poster submission featured below. When asked about her decision to design the poster, Jaecee stated, “Ankeny schools promoted an Ant-bullying poster contest. I was brainstorming ideas about what my message should look like and thought to myself, We all have a voice to stop bullying. The more people we have to stand up against bullying, the louder our voice. We need to stand up to and for other people. I know that I would stand up for every person on my team and I also know that they would stand up for me. So, there was no question – I wanted my team on the poster too. We are all ambassadors for no bullying or as Candice says, ‘No mean girl behavior’. I emailed the team and asked if they could meet me on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend to shoot some pictures for the poster. I was amazed at how many were able to show up. Although my whole team is not pictured, I know that every one of them has my back and I have their back too!


The Iowa Rush strongly believes in the anti-bully message and supportive of this movement both on and off the field between teammates andAnti Bully TeamIowa Rush U12 Girls Team  opponents. This message aligns with the Rush Core Values and our promotion of playing the Rush Way. Executive Director, Paul Fabry, stated, “We were excited to hear Jaecee, along with several other Rush players, took the opportunity to submit to the anti-bully poster contest. As young men and women in the community, they are a reflection of the Rush Way and we admire the impact they are having on their peers. We all have a part in creating safe environments for youth, including the soccer fields, and we strive to ensure our players feel welcomed and encouraged to bring out their unique personalities each and every day.”   The staff at Iowa Rush congratulates Jaecee Hall and appreciates her willingness to be a voice in this movement! 

Hall's winning poster to be displayed in Ankeny School District buildings below:

Anti Bully poster

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